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Measure any object on your screen

How big is that window? What are the dimensions of that window? What exact color is that pixel? These and other questions can be easily answered with Meazure.

Meazure is a handy tool that has been created bearing in mind all the problems and special needs that web designers and developers may have during their day. With Meazure you can measure any object on the screen, as well as see it in detail through a powerful magnifier - which can zoom up to 32x - and obtain the correspondent RGB color code.

All the utilities included in Meazure are conveniently arranged on the program's interface, though you can choose which ones to show and which ones to hide. Other configuration options let you choose between seven different measurement units (or create your own system), and customize the appearance of lines, grids, rulers and crosshairs.

On the downside, the program doesn't seem to let you save color codes, nor does it feature a built-in screen capturing tool.

Meazure is a useful tool – especially for developers and web designers – with which you can check the measurements and color of any element on the screen.


  • 32X zoom
  • Highly configurable
  • Support for seven measurement systems and custom units as well


  • Doesn't save color values
  • Doesn't include a screen capturing tool

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Meazure 2.0.158 for PC

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  • Ole Helgerson

    by Ole Helgerson

    It is easy to install and straightforward to use. Works right on top of any screen image. Besides distance and angles, it makes for vMore

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